Rehearsals 2017 – 2018

The schedule is subject to change without notice,
ALWAYS bring ALL of you music to rehearsal!

Song Leaders

Song List

  1. And So It Goes (M)
  2. Asikhatali (M)
  3. Ayo Visto (C)
  4. Big Sky —
  5. Breaths (C)
  6. Change of Heart (R)
  7. Conscientious Objector (C)
  8. Hymn to the Russian Earth —
  9. I Will Follow Her (M)
  10. Imagine (M)
  11. Largo (C)
  12. Make them Hear You (C)
  13. More Than a Paycheck (C)
  14. Music in my Mother's House (C)
  15. Never Turning Back (M)
  16. No Ne Li Domi (C)
  17. Nous Sommes Desoles (M)
  18. Peace Salaam Shalom (C)
  19. Seize the Day (S)
  20. Shanendoah (M)
  21. Sigh No More, Ladies (C)
  22. Stone Circles (C)
  23. The Stove (M)
  24. We Are (C)
  25. We Want the Vote (M)
  26. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (A)
  27. You Are the New Day (C)


Concert Sets